Welcome To Your Child’s First Classroom!   A Learning Home Away From Home!          

                                    Loving Arms F.C.C. is 3 Star Quality Rated, A Georgia Shape Award Recipient,  Georgia State Bright From the Start Licensed/ certificate of Registration Learning Home located in the Lithonia, Georgia 30038 zip code. 
(near I-20, Panola Road, Hillandale Drive, Dekalb Medical Parkway, Fairington Road, Evan Mills Road and Covington Hwy)   

     Our Early Childhood Educators have earned their CDA Credential. The CDA Credential recognize Loving Arms Nationally as an effective teaching daycare with the abilities to cultivate the physical, emotional and intellectual  
                 developmental needs of children in an early childhood group setting.

     The CDA Credential coupled with 3 Star Quality Rating & Our GA Shapes Award is of great benefit to Loving Arms and the families we serve.   With Our Credentials, Loving Arms Is A Notch Above Most Learning Homes In the 30038/ 30058 zip code.  
As of 12-06-17, 
Their are 81 Licensed facilities, Centers & Learning Homes, In the  Lithonia, Ga 30038/30058 zip code, 
Only 21 are Quality Rated. Out of those 21, Only 6 Facilities are QR 3 Star and they are all Learning Home,
6 Facilities are 2 Star QR & The rest of the Facilities are 1 Star QR.

                      With all hope, the Quality of Care Loving Arms strives to achieve should re-assure our parents of our demonstrated competence and commitment to educating the children under our care for their greatest success in the future.  Thank you for considering Loving Arms FCC Learning Home.     

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*4:30 AM -2:30PM: (2 CAPS) 2 yrs - 4 yrs      or       *6:30 AM - 4:30 PM: (2 CAPS) 2 yrs - 4 yrs  
We are always working towards improving the quality within Loving Arms.

We Have Reached Our 1st Goal,  All 3 Educators Have Earned Their 
We Have Reached Our 2nd Goal, Loving Arms is now          Accredited.
We Have Reached Our 3rd Goal, Loving Arms is now                        .
Currently working with Health M Powers to improve nutrition practices.

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    @ 5 mos.                  @3 mons.
Loving Arms Family Child Care
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No Walk-ins. Tours Are Conducted By Appointment Only.  
CAPS is giving 15% off to all their families that make a switch to a Quality Rated Facility.