Dear Parents:
          With the birth of my first grandson, my heart was filled with both joy, as well as, worry.  
I needed to be sure he would have the same love, care and safety that he received within my own arms.  Providing for his care, myself while his mom was away, was my only resolution.  As a stepping stone, I started out as an informal provider keeping children with CAPS.

          This move allowed me to keep a income while I did my research, took my classes, built my Learning Home to meet all the core rules & regulations required by Georgia.  I was issued my Certificate of Registration By Bright From the Start, Georgia's Department of Early Care and Learning in 2008.  

           Since then, I have been working on the betterment of Loving Arms by assisting all early childhood educators with receiving their CDA scholarships through Quality Care For Children.  All early childhood educators have now obtained their CDA Credential.(July 2011);  Loving Arms Completed the (NAFCC) National Association Accreditation process.(Sept 2012) Then February 10, 2014, Loving Arms received their Quality Rated rating with 2 out of 3 stars.

           Each of these credentials involved a lot of hard work, dedication, money/ fee payments, course work, monthly monitoring visits and finally being assessed within my Learning Home setting to show support of proven knowledge gained. 

          Loving Arms is committed to staying up-to-date with all of Georgia State Requirements. We are equally, as well as, committed to working towards any new quality improvement program that may come in the future.  I am currently & have been working with Health M Power (since 2014) to help raise the Nutritional & Physical Health of the children within the Learning Home.  We were recently re-assessed for our Quality Rating.  On April 13, 2017 I was informed that Loving Arms is now a 3 Stars Learning Home & had also earned The Georgia Shape Award for being a facilities that demonstrate excellence in Nutrition and Physical Activity Measures. 

If you are searching for the same peace of mind, But is unable to do as I have done, I invite you to Loving Arms FCC Learning Home.
                                                              Thanks For Your Consideration, Ms. Brown,​ CDA
This facility has one Licensed Providers & one 
Informal Provider for on-call sub help on staff:                    

Ms. SHCBrown, CDA is the owner and state certificate of registration 
holder at the daycare. She is an regulated provider able to keep 6 children 
full-time & 2 children, over the age of 3, for 2 hours or less, for pay 
(No Pay Children Do Not Count Against Numbers) at any one given time.  
But no more than 12 children, for pay or scholarship, can be
 on premises, at any one given time. 

 My Reasons Y
Ms. Brown
Loving Arms Family Child Care
Learning Home

All Tours Are Conducted By Appointment Only.